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Sorry I haven't been around much, guys. To make up for it, here is an art feature meme. 

1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, 
I will put their avatar and the 5 deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

2. If you're featured, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. 
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

I got featured by Finnguala so she gets the first place. Comment, people, and let me love you. You don't have to do this in return or feature me back, unless you really wanna ;) 

1. Finnguala
Allfather by Finnguala Ariel by Finnguala Bay by FinngualaKing Sadface by FinngualaThe Troll and the Squire by Finnguala

2. Diamondsnake
 Will of the Ancients by Diamondsnake Transcendence (O-Canon Wars) by Diamondsnake A S H Brood - Adam by Diamondsnake Bangiras Against Mecha-Bangiras (Godzilla Parody) by Diamondsnake Defender of the Takkul Archipelago (One Piece OC) by Diamondsnake 

3. kerrybush
lisa and philip by kerrybushtrees by kerrybush even the winter (won't last forever) by kerrybush jackson by kerrybush  cosmic latteyour eyes shine, brilliant as
stars in the darkness
of my mind. I'm 
wondering if
you see
the way
I see you:
like a space-age
mystery, waiting to
come alive at my touch.

4. inkstaineddove
theres a reason lust was a sinlights off
doors locked
she knows he's here.
she can smell the
selfish desire
on his breath.
as he has his way,
she shuts her eyes.
she can't see him,
he can't see her. 
just like it always is.
just like he prefers. 
it isn't fair
her cries are silent,
and she loses feeling of
eyes shoot open.
eyes roam up.
plastic glowing stars.
only her mind. 
she imagines floating,
bouncing from cloud
to cloud.
(she imagines drowning,
the cold, the cool,
sweet relief)
she hears birds.
wings spread
soaring high.
(she thinks clipped wings,
never able to fly
she tastes red.
cherries, cola,
(she craves red.
she craves metal and
sharp edges)
she dreams of tomorrow,
one without
(she waits for tomorrow
one with
  cicadas and sun isn't the southi remember
childhood summers 
filled with juices of
plucked oranges
down my chin,
hibiscus shading me 
from the Florida sun. 
i remember
and bloody noses.
i remember
cute little boys and girls
who could only cause
temporary damage.
i remember
trips up north and
grandparents loving and
welcoming smiles.
i remember
sitting on the staircase
the truth of a
felon uncle and
pregnant cousin
i remember
snowy fights,
runny noses, 
and laughing, 
chased by my father.
i remember
bathrooms locked tight
with cold tiles,
escaping each fight. 
i remember 
the taste of chocolate;
of cotton candy and fast food.
the feel of being
i remember 
their words and 
i remember - 
god, how i remember - 
crippling body issues. 
i remember
the days i believed i was 
a princess,
adored by one and all.
i remember 
the day my father stopped being my
i remember
best fri
  drunk off sadness and coffeethere was a coffee shop
i once went to with a 
woman i once knew.
she wore freedom in
her hair and anger
as her armor. 
her only love was 
the grande mocha stuck
permanently to her palm. 
her love was addictive.
she would sit in her chair,
drinking for infinities. 
she would get drunk
off the emptiness 
she breathed. 
occasionally, she would
sing to me about how
she fucked it all up
about the time she
loved, the time she lost.
the time she died. 
her life was miserable
and yet she loved it
as much as her cup.
i do not believe
that her story ends
in happily ever after.
i do believe that's
the way she
would've wrote it.
  the broken always hide it besti remember nights wasted counting
the scars in her heart and attempts
to fix the chinks in her well thought-out
i remember sitting under the stars
she barely glanced at and counting
the different ways to reach infinity.
i remember scheming in the basement
of her old home plotting out as many
"fool proof" ways to leave our town behind
and start all over. 
i remember the night i heard she left
our town in a plan she never mentioned 
considering and i remember the taste of
salty tears on pinked cheeks. 
i remember chasing after the stars
that seemed to leave the sky and how
there was a warrant out for the moons arrest.
i remember stumbling into the church's 
basement and thinking about how this place
was too holy and clean for her final goodbye. 
(i can still hear everyone's fake 'i'm sorrys') 
i remember the day i died and had to keep on
living in a world that never shone as bright whilst
she died and got the escape she dreamed about for years.
  Parallel Universes and We'd be Married"In another life, I believe we might've been in love."
They spin around together, keeping in time with the music and the waves of people around them. 
He looks at her and his uncertainty is clear across his face. He can't decide whether she is trying to make a joke or crazy.
The look on her face is in all seriousness. He decides once again that she is crazy.
"You believe in nothing."
"I believe in that."
They continue to dance in silence. She rests her head on his shoulder. He rests his hands on her ass. 
"We were never supposed to wind up like this." 
His voice is barely a whisper and yet she can hear him. She reflects on how they were when they were younger. 
How they hated each other until he disappeared. How she hates him, still, now that he's reappeared.
"I don't think we ever will."
They're now meeting each other's eyes. Honest words are finally being spoken without the movement of lips.
Understanding. It's come so late and yet all too soon. 
The song end

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